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Service contents
No service fees
There is no cost to you
Capacity of 100MB
In your submissions, you can utilize up to 100MB. This is especially useful for all your photo needs.
High Compatibility
Your blogone submissions can be created very easily and is compatible with most systems.
You can write some articles for yourself and you can write some to share with others. You don’t need two separate accounts!
All in one functions!
You can print your photos along with your comments together, even with your blogone articles. After you perform this function once, you have automatically taught the system to repeat this upon your desire.
Whether you choose to update regularly or once in awhile, blogone is for all users. If you do not update within three days, our system will send you a friendly email reminder.
Customize with your profile picture plus many more. But if you would like to keep your information private, you are free to do so.
Articles are classified by subject or title keywords, this makes it easier for you to organize all your work.
Search Function
To help easily locate your articles, you and other members can easily search for entries. Of course, your entries in which you have restricted viewership will not be viewed by others.
Connect with your family and friends by creating your own blogone group. Use it to update your family and friends. Planning for a reunion or group trip? Blogone can help you with all your needs.