May 15: It came to be able to contribute the article by carrying...
May 11: Able to use the emoticon.
April 25: The version was improved to ‚†‚‚’ ‚“‚…‚ƒ‚•‚’‚‰‚”‚™ ‚‚…‚‚“‚•‚’‚…‚“ ‚—‚‰‚”‚ˆ‚‰‚Ž@three day‚“
April 12: The blog has been adapted so even if you aren`t a member, you can fill in a comment.
March 28:The blog feature used for pick ups was added to the top of the page.
March 28:The albumn function was created and the blog was improved.
March 15: The blog front page was improved.
February 5: User capacity improved from 30 to 1000MB,
January 29: A demonstration page was added.
January 24: the functionaility of the opening page was improved.
January 16: Opening page was improved.
January 10:The function to delete the content of the bulletin board contribution was added.
January 10:The function to permute in date the order by batch display was added.
January 1:The feature to backtrack one hundred years in your blog entries was added.
January 1:The feature to categorize according to dates in list displays was added.
December 28: The article opening to the public was added.
December 21: The comment function was added.
December 20: A feature to limit public viewing was added.
December 13: A feature to preserve the New Year's card was created.
December 5: The ability to make a New Year's card was created.
November 30: The blog was open to the public and the closed-door setting of the article came to be revokable in the article inspection screen.
November 28: The bulletin board function was installed.
November 28: The function to make the profile was installed.
November 28: The blog capacity was displayed
November 21: The content of the pay member's service was published.
November 21: The ‚”‚…‚‚‚Œ‚‚”‚… design was added.
November 16: The article was disclosed.
November 16: The function ‚‚† ‚‚‚‰‚Ž‚”‚…‚Ž‚‚Ž‚ƒ‚…@was added.
November 16: The function to retrieve the article of other members was added.
November 16: The function to display the photograph by genesis size was added.
November 10: The article category addition function was added.
November 10: Up-grade of the edit function.
November 07: The group setting function was added.
November 07: The prevention setting function was added in three days.
October 31: The address of the blog one moved.
September 28: The blog one was opened to the public.
September 28: The feature to be able to select your blog design template was added.
September 25: The help screen was added.
September 25: The function to edit the photograph and the albumn was installed.
September 25: ‚s‚ˆ‚… ‚“‚…‚ƒ‚•‚’‚‰‚”‚™ ‚‚…‚‚“‚•‚’‚…‚“@‚—‚…‚’‚… installed within three days.