Blog company of prime (Junpei Hayashida shop WEB division Ltd.)

It is necessary to apply to the blog one agreement for use (Hereafter, it is “This rule”) to use the service (blog one) that the blog company of prime (Junpei Hayashida shop WEB division Ltd.) provides. It is considered that it agreed to the content of the rule of this service when the member of this service is registered. Moreover, this rule is applied to all of the use of this service by users, and assumed to be the one to observe this rule so that users may use this service.

Article 1 Definition

  • The individual, the corporation or the group that uses the service that our company provides is said, "User".
  • The member is registered after it agrees to this rule, and the individual who uses the service that the blog company of prime (Junpei Hayashida shop WEB division hereafter, Ltd. says, "Our company") and are referred to as the "Free members".
  • The individual, the corporation or the group that uses the service and is a registered member, having paid a prescribed fee (Hereafter, it is called, “Our company”) are referred to as the "Dues-paying member".
  • "Blog one" is a "service" and will be referred to as one such.
  • The dealings between all the data that the user uses on our PC site service or portable terminal and done are called, "Dealings".
  • Our person in charge of the blog one management is called, "Manager".
  • Generic names of this rule and the special note, etc. are called, "This rule etc".
  • Information that can identify a specific individual like the E-mail address etc, is called, "Personal information" among registered information.

Article 2 This Rule

This rule is a rule that is applied by all users and member, and guarded the registration procedure and after it registers.

Article 3 Member Registration

After the procedure of the member registration is completed by the method established by our company after it agrees to all of this rule, the qualification as the member is possessed.

Article 4 Member Information

  • Regarding the password, it is up to the group’s responsibility to monitor it and to change it regularly. Our company cannot assume the responsibility of damage as a result.
  • Our company cannot assume the responsibility due to negligence.

Article 5 About Service

  • Users must assert discretion to determine who they would like to view their blog by setting viewing restrictions. Users must take-on due diligence.
  • Dealings that the member does through our service become the direct deals between the member and the donor. Our company does not assume the responsibility concerning dealings with parties to a transaction, except dealings during special circumstances (donations to company).
  • When the member does the group setting, it is assumed the one that depends on the user who did the group setting under caution and the responsibility. Our company cannot assume the responsibility of the trouble that occurs in the group.
  • Settlement method, etc. can be revised at any time without warning.
  • The contents of opening to the public approval criteria is assumed to not violate the law or this rule and the special note.
  • There is a possibility that the information is collected by other users and third party and used when individual information is voluntarily disclosed by contents of opening to the public in our service. Therefore, I will assume the protection of own individual information and the prevention of the leakage to be the one that depends on the member and the user done under the great caution and the responsibility.

Article 6 Prohibition Matter

It is prohibited to do the following act to the member when this service is used without obtaining the member's agreement.
  • Violate the law or this rule and the special note, etc.
  • Act of publishing or registering information including false content to invite misunderstanding.
  • Damage our company, service donor, and other third party's rights, the profits, and honour, etc.
  • Do the act might influence youth's like contents etc. concerned adult personality formings etc. harmfully and other law and the act of offending public order and morals.
  • Act of affirmative and solicitation or promoting suicide and wound act.
  • Notice or information exchange content including contents that promote the buying and selling, the delivery, and the promotion of utilization etc. of the commodity and the product that belongs to arms, the drug or these on this Website.
  • Act of entailing a good deal of trouble to other users and other third party, act of violating others' privacy rights and all rights besides rights of portrait, and act of making it feel uncomfortable.
  • Act of violating others' property rights (patent and trademark right), copyrights, and intellectual property rights of trade secret etc.
  • Transmit or write a harmful computer program and E-mail, etc.
  • Access our server and other computers illegally.
  • Publish, contribute, and deliver the mental abuse of the service that our company and our company manage to many and unspecified people.
  • Do an illegal act of suggesting and instigating criminality, misbehavior, and the act and the crime participation that violates a statute on this service.
  • Reproduce, imitate or violate the design, the illustration, the right, the content of service, and contents on our site remarkably.

Article 7 Our Immunity

Junpei Hayashida Inc. does not take part in the user's communication and activity. J. Hayashida remains the third party responsible for the faciliation of the communication over our website.

Article 8 Copyright, Rights of Portrait, and Digitization Right

  • As J. Hayashida remains the third party responsible for the faciliation of communication over our website, all onest responsbility lies in the members who up-load content onto the website. Our comapny does not take part in the rights of portrait for the images and such legal issues.
  • The use of the photograph and the image in the Internet is left to the individual judgment and the responsibility, and no one of the trouble that relates to the above -mentioned that our company assumes the responsibility. Moreover, the copyright and the digitization right of all contents belong to the user excluding the specific period that our company provides.
  • As a result, all the responsibilities of causing it come for the member to owe everything when information where the member is protected by the relevant statutues like the copyright, the trademark, and the patent, etc. in contents of opening to the public etc. is used without permission by the right concerned person. Moreover, as a result, the member assumes the one that makes amends for all damage or the losses that our company suffered, assuming that this does not conflict with the operations of our company.

Article 9 Handling of Individual Information

  • Member's individual information doesn't have what indicated without the agreement of the member himself. However, when the necessity for indicating , in case of the law, or the court or be demanded disclosing individual information by the decision or the instruction, etc. such as administrative bodies right or property to protect it is caused, it is likely to indicate it.
  • It asks for individual information because the communication offering to each user in shape to customize member's registration, promotion, and our of the other various services and information, each user, and directly is achieved. Moreover, our company attempts the achievement of a further service improvement by acquiring information from the user directly.

Article 10 Member's Suspension and Membership Cancellation

Our company assumes the one that the membership of a change or a member of registered mail address and password of a suspension and a member of service concerned concerned can be canceled for a member concerned without notifying beforehand when judged that the member corresponds as follows. As a result, even if some damage is caused in the member, our company assumes the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all.
  • When the member has the act of violating the law and this rule, etc.
  • When the member has misbehavior for the service use.
  • One year when there is no login.
  • When judging that other our company is suitable.

Article 11 Interruption, Stop, Change, and Abolition of Service

  • It is assumed the one that entire part of service can be interrupted properly, be stopped, be changed, and be abolished by our judgment.
  • The one that necessary measures to interrupt or to stop a part of offer can be taken of our company is all services without notifying beforehand when judged that there is a necessity in the service improvement straightening. The one of our company that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all is damage in this case caused in the member.
  • When data that the member registered the limitation concerning capacity and the period of data in equipment for this service etc. exceed the prescribed period that our company separately provides or the amount, our company might delete data etc. concerned without notifying the member beforehand. Moreover, our company might delete the data etc. that the member registered in equipment for this service without notifying the member from the necessity in this service management and maintenance beforehand. Moreover, our company assumes the one that it doesn't assume the responsibility at all for the deletion of data etc. based on this paragraph.

Article 12 Revision of this Rule

The member admits our company to replenish and to revise this rule if necessary, and assumes the one to which it agrees according to this rule replenishment and after it revises it. Replenishment concerned and the revision are assumed to be the one that comes into effect when our company submits it on the homepage.

Article 13 Conforming Method and Competent Court

When it is assumed the one interpreted based on a Japanese method, and causes the necessity of the lawsuit for this rule, this rule will make the Osaka district court the exclusive mutual agreement jurisdiction court of the first trial.

Article 14 (Additional Clause)

This member rule is enacted on September 28, 2006, and enforced on October 3, 2006. This member rule is a previous notice and might be changed by the manager.