The Junpei Hayashida Inc. and Sakai industrials type company (Hereafter, it is said, "This group") are paying the maximum attention to the protection of customer's privacy and personal information (Hereafter, it will be referenced as, "Personal information"). This group provides the following protection of personal information policies to protect customer's personal information. This group continues to construct the company structure, and is continuing with execution, maintenance , and continuous improvements.

We will assume information that can be used to indentify a specific individual or used in combination to indentify individual(s) as personal and it will not be released unless consent is acquired. This includes full name, individual age, date of birth, sex, address, telephone number, E-mail address, location of employment, office telephone numbers, commodities, and filed complaints and information.

Protection of individual information policy

  1. After clarifying the purpose and content of use, this group will collect personal information within the appropriate range dependent on customer preferences. We wish to note that the release of some personal information will allow this group to serve you better; however, we will always first honour customer privacy.
  2. When personal information is collected, it is never disclosed to a third party unless:
    1. An agreement from the customer as been arranged in advance.
    2. When it is indicative to the nature of the business.
    3. When the appropriate circumstance arises after investigation.
    4. When there is confirmed exchange of personal information between the financial institutions etc. when the settlement is necessary in the use of the pay service and the order for the commodity, etc.
    5. Under requirements of the law.
    6. When the business is succeeded by the amalgamation, the corporate separation, the transfer of operations, and other reasons.
  3. When consent is granted, this group is obligated to best maintain the secretacy of the business contract.
  4. This group will manage personal information that will be collected from the customer appropriately and strictly. Moreover, it lectures on prevention and measures for safety so that unlawful access to individual information and the loss, the misuse, destruction, the falsification, and leakage of personal information will not occur.
  5. This group will respond promptly if the customer no longer wishes to release their personal information.
  6. This group observes the applied law for standard personal information, and it will be reviewed inorder to improve its service.
About the use of SSL (encryption communication)
When individual information from the customer is offered through the Web site of this group, the encryption by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or the security technology that applies to this is used to prevent third parties from tapping into this group’s communication tools.

Guarantee and limitation on liability
This group cannot assume the responsibility about the security of customer's personal information on other Websites that have been linked with the Website of this group.
Users under 16 years of age must obtain consent from their parents or guardian.