In the early twentieth century, Junpei Hayashida Incorporated began its business as a lumber wholesaler, but with the markets changing, it diverged its business to various forms. Following being publicly incorporated, the company`s divergences included real estate and the trading of various materials used for the construction of homes primarily leased to Toyota employees in the United States of America. J. Hayashida USA Inc. was established in the 1963s and this marked the company’s first initiative in further establishing its overseas business affairs, particularly in the states of Kentucky and West Virgina. Within the next two years, Hayashida International Inc. was created and Pegasus Investment Inc. was formed. The uniqueness of the Hayashida Group is within the management leading both an inclusive environment and the "Change for the Best" principle where operations continue to be adapted to fit in with changing demands.


Hayashida Group began in 1931 when its founder, Junpei Hayashida, established Hayashida Junpei Shouten. In 1951, the company was reorganized as a stockholding corporation that became the core of Hayashida Group, and J. Hayashida Inc. was born. Hayashida Lumber Inc. was founded in the same year, and contributed through its lumber work to Japan`s period of high-level growth. Later, in late 60th to 70th, Hayashida group advanced into the warehouse rental industry, and in 1972 a real estate management company, Hankai Corporation, fulfilled the need in managing Hayashida Group’s real estate. In 1988, as a first step towards business development in America, the company established J. Hayashida USA Inc. overseas, where it expanded its foreign operations   Afterwards, the company established Hayashida International Inc. in Kentucky in 1990, and Pegasus Investment Inc. in West Virginia in 1999. Making the most of the practical knowledge gained through its residential leasing operations in the US, the company started a housing import department in 1998. At present, Hayashida Group is expanding on six departments: Lumber, Building Materials, Housing, Travel, Overseas, and Warehouse Leasing & Insurance Departments.


Advancing together with our customers is our primary goal. In order to do this, our managers play the role of directors, guiding our company staff members as they actively create our work environment. The staff members, in turn, must understand the intentions of the managers. We strive to create a corporate culture that promotes the reliable performance of job duties. In addition to the usual workday routines, the Hayashida Group is also involved in on-going projects. In these projects, both new and veteran employees play key roles, surpassing the boundaries of rank. This system revitalizes our workplace and allows us to provide service that impresses our customers. Our goal of impressing our customers and advancing together with them fosters our corporate culture. COMPANY SLOGAN “CHANGE for the Best” is Hayashida Group’s business principle and the slogan expressing our attitude towards our work.

  • C(Creativity) This refers to our use of creativity in our work.
  • H(Harmony) Harmony and cooperation: this refers to our company being united and progressing as one.
  • A(Aggression) This expresses a spirit of action. No matter what happens, our company will deal with it constructively, looking forward.
  • N(Never-Ending) Without an end: this means that we will not set limits on ourselves.
  • G(Gain) This refers to forward advancement. In our desire to improve, we hope to advance more today than yesterday, and more tomorrow than today.
  • E(Effort) There can be no good results without effort. It’s important to work industriously.

Together these six words become “CHANGE”. The company as a whole is living - it must grow and change every day. The goal of this change is to become the best. Hayashida Group is by no means large-scale, but its wood selling, warehouse rental business, expansion into the international market, and other corporate activities have drawn attention from the world, as well as business and financial institutions. This is a result of our company gradually changing how we do business, while striving for the best.

Company Outline

Company Name J. Hayashida, Inc.
Main Branch    2-9-140 Hirabayashi-kita Suminoe-Ku, Osaka, Japan, ZIP 559-0026
Capital      90 million yen
Date Founded   April 1st, 1931
Total Sales    982,680,000 yen (FY 2005 Hayashida group total)
Representative Director, Chairman: Hironosuke Hayashida
Representative Director, President: Motohiro Hayashida
Director:  Sayoko Ono
Auditor:  Yukiko Hayashida
Number of Employees:   31(Group Total)
Hayashida Group-Associated Companies
J. Hayashida, Inc
Hirabayashi Office: 2-9-140 Hirabayashi-kita Suminoe-Ku, Osaka, Japan 
ZIP 559-0026 TEL 06-6685-0006 FAX 06-6685-7750
Mihara Office: 4-6-13 Mokuzai-dori, Mihara, Sakai, Osaka Japan
ZIP 587-0042  TEL 072-361-2852 FAX 072-361-2853
TEL 072-361-2801 FAX 072-361-2862
Nanba Office: 7th FL 1-1-20, Motomachi, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka
ZIP 556-0016 TEL 06-6632-1090 FAX 06-6632-1095
Hayashida Lumber, Inc.
Main Office: 2-9-140 Hirabayashi-kita Suminoe-Ku, Osaka Japan
ZIP 559-0026 TEL 06-6685-0006 FAX 06-6685-7750
Hankai Corporation
Main Office: #502 2-3-8, Kyutaro, Chuuou-Ku, Osaka, Japan
ZIP 541-0056 TEL 06-6264-7528
Nanba Office: 7th FL 1-1-20, Motomachi, Naniwa-Ku, Osaka
ZIP 556-0016 TEL 06-6632-1090 FAX 06-6632-1095
(J.Hayashida, Inc.: in June 2002. merged with Hayashida International, Inc.)
826 Vermillion Peak Pass, Lexington, Kentucky, 40515, USA
TEL 859-273-1720  FAX 859-273-1720
Pegasus Investment, Inc.
c/o Prudential Franchise West Teays Reality, 3600 Teays Valley Road, Hurricane, West Virginia 25526, USA
TEL 304-757-9687  FAX 304-757-9708

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, the bridge branch of UFJ Bank Taishou era; the Bank for Commerce and Industrial Co-operatives Osaka branch: the Kiyo Bank Sumiyoshi branch; the Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business Osaka west branch; and Mizuho Bank Nambaeki.
Business Details
Wood material sales, wood product sales, general construction materials sales, import construction materials sales, lumbering industry, lease warehouse industry, real estate investment, real estate brokerage, business project, real estate investment consulting, travel industry, and the United States house leasing industry
Real Estate Property
27 warehouses、 3 condominiums、 2 houses built from imported materials, approximately 33,000 meters squared (36,000sqft) of land、 71 houses in the US